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2019 Oscars Red Carpet Predictions: What Hollywood's top celebrities could wear this year?


"Hollywood’s elite has been preparing for the 91st Academy Awards for months now and tomorrow the big day is finally here. While the Oscars obviously honors the best films of the year, it is also one of the most epic nights of fashion where Hollywood’s biggest stars whip out their most beautiful and shocking looks. Most celebrities work with top designers to design the perfect Oscar look, many take risks and some play it safe, but regardless, the red carpet at the Oscars is most definitely one of the most exciting aspects of the evening. 

A celebrity can become an icon after slaying on the Oscar's red carpet with a look that will represent them for years to come. Who could forget Halle Berry’s sheer Elie Saab gown that she wore to the Oscars in 2002 when she became the first black woman to win best actress? Or Jennifer Lawrence’s stunning pastel Dior gown in 2013, the same year that she won for Silver Linings Playbook?

As excited as everyone is to see who will bring home those golden statues, people also cannot wait to see what their favorite stars will wear for one of the most glamorous nights of the year. MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) worked with two aspiring and up and coming designers, Tiffany Folsom and Cassondra Michelle, to get their take on what the biggest celebs could be wearing this year, but most importantly, what would look best."

LADY GAGA (Design by Tiffany Folsom)


RAMI MALEK (Design by Tiffany Folsom)

LUPITA NYONG'O (Design by Tiffany Folsom)

The 2014 Academy Awards

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I have to start off by saying that I think tonights Academy Awards were the best ever!  Elle did an absolutely outstanding job hosting tonight.  She kept everyone laughing through her jokes and outfit changes.  I also loved that she spent a lot of the show in the audience with all the stars - talking to them and tweeting photos with them.  Best moment was this right here....

And lets not forget she actually ordered pizza during the awards.  Ellen you are everything!

The Suits and Gowns

I can honestly say I didn't dislike what anyone wore this season, which has got to be a first time ever for me.  Most gossip and fashion sites will dissect every little detail about what each actress wore and what they should have done differently.  All they want to do is talk about what the trends are and in all honesty who cares1? (Shout out to E for only interviewing the stars for 20 minutes and then switching over to G and Kelly to talk about the fashion.  Fashion talk should be saved for the day after the awards.  I switched the channel because I was so pissed off I couldn't hear Jennifer Lawrence talk about her armpit fat.)  Since I love evening wear, I live for the awards season.  I look for how the garment fits, the couture work and the craftsmanship.  I had a hard time choosing which gown was my favorite, so in no particular order here are the pieces that stood out to me.  By the way, I am loving the men on the red carpet!  They are finally having fun with fashion and not just wearing the simple black tux.  They are being daring with color, jewelry and accessories.  Please don't stop.

Portia de Rossi in Naeem Khan

Kristen Bell in Roberto Cavalli

Charlize Theron in Christian Dior

Kristin Chenoweth in Roberto Cavalli

Jenna Dewan-Tatum in Reem Acra

Lupita Nyong'o in Prada

Hello Cinderella

Jessica Biel in Chanel Couture

Cate Blanchett in Giorgio Armani

Sandra Bullock in Alexander McQueen

Idina Menzel in Reem Acra

Kate Hudson in Atelier Versace

Lady Gaga in Versace

Kevin Spacey in Burberry

Jared Leto rocking Saint Laurent

Matthew McConaughey in Dolce & Gabbana

Ryan Seacrest in Burberry

Michael B Jordan in Givenchy

How amazing?! I love that metallics, pastels and embellishment were swarming the red carpet this year.

For the first time ever, I saw every film that was nominated before the awards!  I don't know how the hell anyone can choose what performance out did the other and what film was the best.  Such a great year in movies.

My personal favorites that I would watch over and over again were:
Blue Jasmine
August: Osage County
The Wolf of Wall Street

12 Years A Slave, Gravity, Dallas Buyers Club, Her, American Hustle and Captain Phillips were all extraordinary, but I don't think I could sit through them again.  12 Years A Slave was especially hard to make it through and I am so proud that it won Best Picture.

What an amazing night.

Take Three: Fall 2014 - Milan Fashion Week

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    It's officially late Friday night and I am catching up on the last few nominated Oscar films that I haven't seen.  I've been dreading watching "12 Years A Slave."  So I decided to do something that makes me happy, while I watch the highly intense film.  Milan fashion week was filled with geometric shapes, glimmer, colorful fur, prints and intricate fabric combinations.  The three most talked about topics from the runway were the new creative director of Moschino, a Karl key chain look alike, and Roberto setting fashion on fire. 

Milan Runway Trends
Feminine Menswear
Leopard Prints
Gold Accents


"I don't speak Italian, but I do speak Moschino," was written on the T-shirt Jeremy Scott wore as he took his first bow on the runway at Moschino.  I was beyond thrilled that Jeremy was crowned the new Creative Director.  I couldn't have imagined it any other way.  He is the only one that thinks like the original Franco Moschino himself.  So with that, everyone should go into this show with an open mind.  It's easy to tell that there is a spin off on the original Chanel suit, some American and hip hop influence, as well as a comical play on McDonalds and nutrition facts.  I think the final piece that came down the runway was absolutely brilliant.  A wedding gown covered in nutrition facts.  Who would come up with that1?  Anna Dello Russo and a lot of well know fashionistas were already rocking the McDonalds pieces right off the runway.  Keep a look out for the Moschino french fries iPhone cover.  It is already available online and everyone is going crazy for it.  Enjoy the outrageous mind of Jeremy Scott.


Dolce and Gabbana didn't really get my attention until the finale.  A stampede of models strutted down the runway in sparkly metallic armored pieces.  I felt it was extremely powerful and even though I wasn't impressed with their collection, I relished in the ending stampede.


I thought it was so intriguing that the runway was a circle surrounding a ring of fire.  The fire intensified as the show went on and it was as if the fire was weaved into the jacquards, leather, fringe and tipped fur.  What I do love about Roberto Cavalli is that he is very consistent with his femme fatale.  You can always count on Cavalli to send a fierce sexy daring look strutting down the runway.


Peter Dundas has officially designed his best collection yet for Emilio Pucci!  The stand out pieces were an orange fox coat with an intarsia'd tribal pattern along the hem.  The well-known Pucci prints were on minidresses and gowns.  Some printed pieces were overprinted with appaloosa horse patterns and overly studded in silver.  Everything was so beautifully crafted and glamorous.  LOVE IT!


The combination of geometric shapes, silhouettes, color blocking, embellishment and Lady Liberty made such a stand out impression.  I thought the collection was well executed, full of unique statement pieces and styled so cool yet beautifully modern.  


About a week ago, I woke up extremely early, reached for my iPhone (like usual) and started skimming through instagram.  Cara Delevingne (if you don't follow her on instagram - what is wrong with you!?) posted a photo of her and the one and only Karl Lagerfeld both holding a weird fluffy object.  After reading the caption, I discovered it was a mini Karl keychain.  I then immediately jumped out of bed, turned on my Macbook Pro and went to Style.com.  The opening shot was of Cara walking down the runway holding the mini Karl Lagerfeld.  I loved that Karl was showing his playful side.  The main reason why I loved Fendi this season was because of the Orchids that were pinned on sparkly fur coats, sheer chiffon gowns and tops.  Orchids are my favorite flower and I personally thought they added a unique natural beauty to the collection. 


I loved the abstract neon brushstroke motifs that were mixed with black and white animal prints.  My favorite look was the last photo pictured here.  I'm in love with the cut, fabric combination, colors and zippers.  I'm on a mission to add it to my wardrobe collection.  I'm also infatuated with the thigh high carmel suede boots.  I've noticed that thigh high suede boots are a must have this season.  I want a pair in cobalt :)  


What is so fascinating about Maria Grachvogel, is that she is a true artist.  She does not start off with a mood board or an inspiration from a certain time in history.  She begins with a paintbrush.  For this season, she was in her Captiva Island home in Florida watching the sun rise.  The reflection of the sun hitting the water instantly inspired her.  The picture was shimmery and translucent and she digitized it to become the print for her Fall collection, which appeared in two color ways.  The fit of the clothing mixed with the magical print was absolutely artistically outstanding.


Sara Burton took inspiration from Tokyo for the McQueen secondary line this season.  I loved the neon print inspired by the city lights and I thought the comic book patches found on various pieces were pretty cool.  Over the last couple seasons, I have noticed that the collection seems to be gravitating towards a younger customer and I am eating it all up.


I have an obsession with leather.  I love the different weights of it, the texture and the way I feel wearing it.  So of course I simply loved the leather pieces from Philipp Plein's collection.  The leather was studded, fur accented, laced and draped, all my favorite things. 


I have been a huge fan of the original Gianni Versace since I was about 12 years old.  Ever since his passing, Donatella has done an exceptional job keeping the Versace name glamorous and sexy.  Although, this season.... I hate to say it, but I wasn't feeling it.  I did however find some pieces to love amongst everything.  First, the thigh high suede cut out boots were absolutely STUNNING!  I just can't get over them! My favorite dress was reminiscent of classic Gianni with the draping and gold hardware.  No matter what, I will always be devoted to Versace.

And now onto Paris, which by the way I am absolutely loving right now!  After all, the best is always saved for last.

The Creepiest Spring 2014 Ad Campaigns

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   The 2014 Spring ad campaigns were released over a month ago and to this day, two of the campaigns have been ingrained in my mind. Alexander McQueen and Lanvin each created an eerie short film to haunt their dedicated followers and frequent buyers.  Since each short film still gives me chills up and down my spine, I figured they were worth  sharing... even if it is a month later.


Model: Kate Moss
Director: Steven Klein


Models: Julia Nobis, Laurie Harding and Sasha Luss
Director: Steven Meisel

Take Two: Fall 2014 - London Fashion Week

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    I actually started writing this post on the last day of London Fashion Week, but I've been a little preoccupied with friends in town and interviews!  My apologies for the late posting, but I had so many favorites it was extremely hard to narrow it all down for the blog.

A couple days ago......

    While sipping on endless cups of coffee this morning, I was reading the March issue of Harper's Bazaar.  I began to laugh once I started reading "The 10 Key Pieces For Spring."  Lisa Armstrong writes, "Have you noticed how many women these days say they don't follow trends?  It's become quite, well, trendy."  In my last post about New York fashion week, I stated, "Fashion is said to be all about the latest trends, but to me I see fashion as art on the body.  Every body is completely different then the other.  Just because something is in trend does not mean it will flatter your figure."  It is hilarious to me that Ms. Armstrong is saying that it is now trendy to not follow trends.  I just thought there was something a little comical about her article.  And with that in mind, onto London Fashion Week!

    I can't even categorize my most loved looks into trends, coats, tops, tights and so on because I'm in awe of so many collections from multiple designers.  I'm just going to write a few words about each collection that I idolize, and then let fashion do what it's suppose to do.  Speak for itself.

Geometric Prints, Shapes and Textures
Multi-Dimensional Maximalism
Mosaic Colorblocking
Layering of Prints


Most people know that I have an obsession with anything that sparkles.  I think that's one of the reasons I love designing evening-wear.  Seeing Julien Macdonald's collection just made my smile widen more and more as I kept clicking throughout the entire collection.  Most of the pieces were sheer and translucent to let the embroidery and beading shine over the delicate skin of the models. 

"The emphasis was on light - the way it sparkles in champagne or shines through cathedral windows." - Julien Macdonald


I thought Peter and Christopher did a beautiful job this season.  I loved their usual unique bold prints, multiple textures, geometric shapes and elaborate layering.  I have my eye on the coat in the second look. 


I know a couple fashionistas were not feeling Antonio Berardi's collection this season, but I thought it was fascinating.  I admired the windowpane effects, various textures, sparkly lame, sculptural pieces and I can't get over the shoes!  There may have been a lot going on, but there was definitely a subtle sexiness to each look. 


Without a doubt, the origami organza dresses were my favorite.  Seeing them in real life fluttering down the runway must have been out of this world.  From the images and short videos I've seen, the thousands of layers of organza seem to move around as if someone were flipping through the pages of a book.  Absolutely stunning.  I love when clothing feels like it has a life of its own.  My other favorite pieces were the sculptured sleeves that the models arms were inserted into.  I admire that the body of the pieces were subtle, so that the sleeves gave a powerful statement on their own.  


I am intrigued by anything that creates a tight harness or a cage like effect over the body.  Yes, it has been done a million times, but I never get sick of it - so what.  The stand out pieces from David Koma's collection were the coats.  He constructed a jacket by weaving strips of leather into a grid and instead ended up creating a piece of art.  The craftsmanship was outstanding.


Two words: Spider Webs.  Each look had a delicate, but unfinished deconstructed look to it.  My favorite piece was a long black gown with a side slit.  It felt like a black widow spun her web around the models body.


The embroidered and embellished organza was pure heaven as usual.  What really stuck out were the jacquards and the layering of coats on top of coats, because honestly that's what normal people do during winter (unless you live in a place like LA, where the climate refuses to go below 55 degrees).  Alice came up with something completely new this season, by creating a fine micro-quilting technique for her eveningwear.  It didn't really resonate with me so I did not include it, but I applaud her for creating something new and producing eveningwear for wintertime.


I thought the oversized sweaters at Pringle of Scotland were quite beautifully executed.  I enjoyed the textures, deconstructed feel and the sheerness over the body.


Mary Katrantzou has always been known for her eye-popping prints, but this season they were non-existent.  I'm still in shock over it, but I think it is brilliant she is trying to experiment with other fabrics and grow as a designer.  My two favorite looks were these apron-like asymmetrical dresses.  I loved the combination of soft pleated silky fabric held down by bias cut serpent skin. 


The geometric patterns of laser cut out leather on the organza tops were extraordinary.  But above all, the leggings were my favorite!  There were various types of leggings... everything from deconstructed leather, to metallic leggings, to piped leggings and even geometric printed tights.  I can't even begin to tell you which ones I would want to wear first.


I would just like to point out that Topshop Unique's boots were inspired by me.  I swear you can even ask my mom.  I always find ways to wear my boots differently.  I will either fold them down to be a short bootie, scrunch them up, wear leg warmers over them or tucked inside them.  I've been doing it for about eight years, so who knows if I actually did inspire it or not - I would just like to think I did ;)


I just can't get over the thousands of layers on these pants? or this skirt? I have no idea what it is, but it has pockets and the movement on the runway must have been incredible.

Thus far, London has been without a doubt my favorite!  Milan is slowly shaping up, but hasn't completely been mind blowing yet.  There is still plenty of time though. Until then....

Take One: Fall 2014 - New York Fashion Week

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    Multiple times a year, designers flock to fashion trend forecasters to absorb their insights and help navigate each new collection.  Fashion is said to be all about the latest trends, but to me I see fashion as art on the body.  Every body is completely different then the other.  Just because something is in trend does not mean it will flatter your figure.

    I have an obsession with looking at all the collections posted on Style.com.  Unfortunately, not every designer is on there, but a fair amount are.  I follow everything from Spring Couture, Fall, Fall Couture, Resort, Spring, to Pre-Fall.  For me, it's a non-stop clicking session from look to look and designer to designer.  I do look for trends, but I mostly look for what is fresh, creative and unique... like a piece of art walking down the runway.

My Favorite Designers:


I'm completely in awe of this collection.  Each look is so organic and unlike anything I have seen this season.  Threeasfour created a cloud-like fantasy that I want to sink myself into.  The whole collection just speaks for itself.  I'm infatuated and I need every single piece! 


Ever since I discovered the Australian based designer a couple of years ago, he has not stopped delivering captivating collections.  I loved his use of snakeskin, crocodile hides and tarnished silver this season.  He did an outstanding job combining unusual soft and heavy weighted fabrics.  I also thought his reptile inspired digital print was beautifully draped.

Donna Karen

I honestly have never been a fan of Donna Karen, but I have to say that this season I was impressed by her collection.  I enjoyed the statement coats, the sheer fabric overlays, draped gowns, thigh high suede boots, feathered looks and the metallic sheer pieces.  I love the direction the designer is heading in and I hope she doesn't drift back to the old.

Oversized Textured Sweaters
Feathered Details
Western Inspired
Wide-Leg Pants
Unique Tights
Fur Coats

T's Favorite's Pieces from this Season:


    I've always been into unique variations of tights and leggings.  To me, they can be the starting off point for any ensemble.  I'm well known for wearing sparkly sheer tights, bright colored leggings, and lacy or deconstructed tights.  This season at New York Fashion Week, the first thing I resonated with were the tights and leggings. 

There were insanely colored tights at Libertine and Marcus Tondon.

    Sparkly and metallic geometric tights at Anna Sui, Badgley Mischka and Marchesa.


    Leather leggings at T by Alexander Wang with neon accented piping.

    When I saw Rag and Bone's collection, I immediately resonated with it.  I love to wear sheer footless tights in various colors.  They add a unique pop to any outfit.  My usual choice is navy because it goes with almost everything.

My favorite tights this season were by Alice & Olivia.  The design house took the classic back seamed tight and created something new and chic with it.  "I don't have a dirty mind, I have a sexy imagination."  I think that is an incredible statement to have in cursive up the back seam of a pair of tights.  I need them ASAP.

Sheer Exposure

I found some unusual pieces at Brandon Sun, Herve Leger, Jill Stuart, Monique Lhuillier, Ralph Rucci and Tess Giberson.  Each look is so different, but I felt they shared a common theme of translucency over the body.  Through the layering of laces, sheer fabric, strips of leather, beading and delicate deconstructed knits, each designer created a beautiful piece that exposed various parts of the body.


Clover Canyon had a stunning placement print in a couple variations.  I loved the fitted dress with the laser cut out leather at the bottom.  Lela Rose had a cool hombre printed dress that I thought was intriguing with an asymmetrical top.  Zimmermann created a stand out black, grey and white off the shoulder asymmetrical dress.  I loved the combination of the print and the asymmetry of the piece.  I'm dying to see it on a red carpet some time this year!  Pamella Roland's sheer sequined metallic dress reminded me of the Chrysler Building.  It's one of my favorite buildings in the world and I think this dress reflects its unique ornate beauty.  Sass & Bide's gold embroidered white mini dress felt like delicate armor.  I think it would make the perfect date dress!

Textured and Printed Coats

I am enamored with these textured, printed coats.  Donna Karen and Josie Natori are the two New York designers this season that know how to make statement coats!  They are even perfectly styled to a T.  J'adore!

Oversized Sweatshirts

Oversized sweatshirts are a huge trend even right now.  I haven't been a fan because I know they make me look extremely bulky, but Prabal Gurung designed one that I am so captivated by!  I love the various textures and color blocking.  

Overall, it was a memorable week in New York, but I am beyond excited for Europe.

Lets see what London's got.

Peter Pilotto for Target

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I can't even begin to tell you how insanely excited I am at this moment.  It is currently 4:30am and I have been up since 2am.  I could only sleep for 3 hours because I am so pumped up with adrenaline from this amazing collaboration.  I've been infatuated with Peter Pilotto for a couple of years now.  The prints and the color blocking that Peter and Christopher come up with have always been unique and out of this world.  Of course since I am still a young and upcoming fashion designer, there is no way I could ever afford a piece from their high end collection.  Luckily, waking up suddenly at 2am has its perks.  The collection officially launched on Target.com and Net-A-Porter around the time I woke up.  I quickly scored two pieces I'd been eyeing, a crop swim suit top as well as a long sleeve shirt.  The dress I have been dreaming about was there staring at me seductively saying to me, "Buy Me Tiffany." But I decided I had to be a part of the chaos.  I discovered that the Target down the street from my parents high rise here in San Francisco is actually getting the entire collection.  With that in mind, I am going to stand in line at 6am and wait for the doors to open at 8am.  I'm hoping to score my dream dress in the matter of seconds after Target opens its doors.  Thank you Target (and H&M) for collaborating with high end designers so that fashionistas like me can get a little piece of heaven.


So to recap my shopping experience.  I was the only one in line outside the San Francisco City Target at 6am.  I'm not going to lie, I was shocked.  Another girl finally showed up an hour later!  Best part was, she went to college at FIT.  People always say Parsons and FIT students are rivals, but in reality we're all just glad to have graduated our intense colleges alive!  Once the doors opened at 8am there were literally only 10 of us.   RIDICULOUS.  The San Francisco City Target had everything!  After soooooo many trips to the dressing room later I actually ended up walking out with three pieces.  I did get the dress I had been idolizing over, but it was just too poofy for me.  My inner fashionista told me to purchase it, think about it so I could possibly reconfigure it or return it another day.  I also ended up nabbing the color blocked mesh sweater as well as the killer color blocked moto jacket!  I officially now have five pieces of Peter Pilotto and I'm craving for more.  


Fashion is such an addiction.

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