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Take Two: Fall 2014 - London Fashion Week

posted Feb 23, 2014, 4:35 PM by Tiffany T Folsom   [ updated Mar 1, 2014, 1:32 PM ]
    I actually started writing this post on the last day of London Fashion Week, but I've been a little preoccupied with friends in town and interviews!  My apologies for the late posting, but I had so many favorites it was extremely hard to narrow it all down for the blog.

A couple days ago......

    While sipping on endless cups of coffee this morning, I was reading the March issue of Harper's Bazaar.  I began to laugh once I started reading "The 10 Key Pieces For Spring."  Lisa Armstrong writes, "Have you noticed how many women these days say they don't follow trends?  It's become quite, well, trendy."  In my last post about New York fashion week, I stated, "Fashion is said to be all about the latest trends, but to me I see fashion as art on the body.  Every body is completely different then the other.  Just because something is in trend does not mean it will flatter your figure."  It is hilarious to me that Ms. Armstrong is saying that it is now trendy to not follow trends.  I just thought there was something a little comical about her article.  And with that in mind, onto London Fashion Week!

    I can't even categorize my most loved looks into trends, coats, tops, tights and so on because I'm in awe of so many collections from multiple designers.  I'm just going to write a few words about each collection that I idolize, and then let fashion do what it's suppose to do.  Speak for itself.

Geometric Prints, Shapes and Textures
Multi-Dimensional Maximalism
Mosaic Colorblocking
Layering of Prints


Most people know that I have an obsession with anything that sparkles.  I think that's one of the reasons I love designing evening-wear.  Seeing Julien Macdonald's collection just made my smile widen more and more as I kept clicking throughout the entire collection.  Most of the pieces were sheer and translucent to let the embroidery and beading shine over the delicate skin of the models. 

"The emphasis was on light - the way it sparkles in champagne or shines through cathedral windows." - Julien Macdonald


I thought Peter and Christopher did a beautiful job this season.  I loved their usual unique bold prints, multiple textures, geometric shapes and elaborate layering.  I have my eye on the coat in the second look. 


I know a couple fashionistas were not feeling Antonio Berardi's collection this season, but I thought it was fascinating.  I admired the windowpane effects, various textures, sparkly lame, sculptural pieces and I can't get over the shoes!  There may have been a lot going on, but there was definitely a subtle sexiness to each look. 


Without a doubt, the origami organza dresses were my favorite.  Seeing them in real life fluttering down the runway must have been out of this world.  From the images and short videos I've seen, the thousands of layers of organza seem to move around as if someone were flipping through the pages of a book.  Absolutely stunning.  I love when clothing feels like it has a life of its own.  My other favorite pieces were the sculptured sleeves that the models arms were inserted into.  I admire that the body of the pieces were subtle, so that the sleeves gave a powerful statement on their own.  


I am intrigued by anything that creates a tight harness or a cage like effect over the body.  Yes, it has been done a million times, but I never get sick of it - so what.  The stand out pieces from David Koma's collection were the coats.  He constructed a jacket by weaving strips of leather into a grid and instead ended up creating a piece of art.  The craftsmanship was outstanding.


Two words: Spider Webs.  Each look had a delicate, but unfinished deconstructed look to it.  My favorite piece was a long black gown with a side slit.  It felt like a black widow spun her web around the models body.


The embroidered and embellished organza was pure heaven as usual.  What really stuck out were the jacquards and the layering of coats on top of coats, because honestly that's what normal people do during winter (unless you live in a place like LA, where the climate refuses to go below 55 degrees).  Alice came up with something completely new this season, by creating a fine micro-quilting technique for her eveningwear.  It didn't really resonate with me so I did not include it, but I applaud her for creating something new and producing eveningwear for wintertime.


I thought the oversized sweaters at Pringle of Scotland were quite beautifully executed.  I enjoyed the textures, deconstructed feel and the sheerness over the body.


Mary Katrantzou has always been known for her eye-popping prints, but this season they were non-existent.  I'm still in shock over it, but I think it is brilliant she is trying to experiment with other fabrics and grow as a designer.  My two favorite looks were these apron-like asymmetrical dresses.  I loved the combination of soft pleated silky fabric held down by bias cut serpent skin. 


The geometric patterns of laser cut out leather on the organza tops were extraordinary.  But above all, the leggings were my favorite!  There were various types of leggings... everything from deconstructed leather, to metallic leggings, to piped leggings and even geometric printed tights.  I can't even begin to tell you which ones I would want to wear first.


I would just like to point out that Topshop Unique's boots were inspired by me.  I swear you can even ask my mom.  I always find ways to wear my boots differently.  I will either fold them down to be a short bootie, scrunch them up, wear leg warmers over them or tucked inside them.  I've been doing it for about eight years, so who knows if I actually did inspire it or not - I would just like to think I did ;)


I just can't get over the thousands of layers on these pants? or this skirt? I have no idea what it is, but it has pockets and the movement on the runway must have been incredible.

Thus far, London has been without a doubt my favorite!  Milan is slowly shaping up, but hasn't completely been mind blowing yet.  There is still plenty of time though. Until then....