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Take Three: Fall 2014 - Milan Fashion Week

posted Mar 1, 2014, 1:26 PM by Tiffany T Folsom   [ updated Mar 1, 2014, 1:39 PM ]
    It's officially late Friday night and I am catching up on the last few nominated Oscar films that I haven't seen.  I've been dreading watching "12 Years A Slave."  So I decided to do something that makes me happy, while I watch the highly intense film.  Milan fashion week was filled with geometric shapes, glimmer, colorful fur, prints and intricate fabric combinations.  The three most talked about topics from the runway were the new creative director of Moschino, a Karl key chain look alike, and Roberto setting fashion on fire. 

Milan Runway Trends
Feminine Menswear
Leopard Prints
Gold Accents


"I don't speak Italian, but I do speak Moschino," was written on the T-shirt Jeremy Scott wore as he took his first bow on the runway at Moschino.  I was beyond thrilled that Jeremy was crowned the new Creative Director.  I couldn't have imagined it any other way.  He is the only one that thinks like the original Franco Moschino himself.  So with that, everyone should go into this show with an open mind.  It's easy to tell that there is a spin off on the original Chanel suit, some American and hip hop influence, as well as a comical play on McDonalds and nutrition facts.  I think the final piece that came down the runway was absolutely brilliant.  A wedding gown covered in nutrition facts.  Who would come up with that1?  Anna Dello Russo and a lot of well know fashionistas were already rocking the McDonalds pieces right off the runway.  Keep a look out for the Moschino french fries iPhone cover.  It is already available online and everyone is going crazy for it.  Enjoy the outrageous mind of Jeremy Scott.


Dolce and Gabbana didn't really get my attention until the finale.  A stampede of models strutted down the runway in sparkly metallic armored pieces.  I felt it was extremely powerful and even though I wasn't impressed with their collection, I relished in the ending stampede.


I thought it was so intriguing that the runway was a circle surrounding a ring of fire.  The fire intensified as the show went on and it was as if the fire was weaved into the jacquards, leather, fringe and tipped fur.  What I do love about Roberto Cavalli is that he is very consistent with his femme fatale.  You can always count on Cavalli to send a fierce sexy daring look strutting down the runway.


Peter Dundas has officially designed his best collection yet for Emilio Pucci!  The stand out pieces were an orange fox coat with an intarsia'd tribal pattern along the hem.  The well-known Pucci prints were on minidresses and gowns.  Some printed pieces were overprinted with appaloosa horse patterns and overly studded in silver.  Everything was so beautifully crafted and glamorous.  LOVE IT!


The combination of geometric shapes, silhouettes, color blocking, embellishment and Lady Liberty made such a stand out impression.  I thought the collection was well executed, full of unique statement pieces and styled so cool yet beautifully modern.  


About a week ago, I woke up extremely early, reached for my iPhone (like usual) and started skimming through instagram.  Cara Delevingne (if you don't follow her on instagram - what is wrong with you!?) posted a photo of her and the one and only Karl Lagerfeld both holding a weird fluffy object.  After reading the caption, I discovered it was a mini Karl keychain.  I then immediately jumped out of bed, turned on my Macbook Pro and went to  The opening shot was of Cara walking down the runway holding the mini Karl Lagerfeld.  I loved that Karl was showing his playful side.  The main reason why I loved Fendi this season was because of the Orchids that were pinned on sparkly fur coats, sheer chiffon gowns and tops.  Orchids are my favorite flower and I personally thought they added a unique natural beauty to the collection. 


I loved the abstract neon brushstroke motifs that were mixed with black and white animal prints.  My favorite look was the last photo pictured here.  I'm in love with the cut, fabric combination, colors and zippers.  I'm on a mission to add it to my wardrobe collection.  I'm also infatuated with the thigh high carmel suede boots.  I've noticed that thigh high suede boots are a must have this season.  I want a pair in cobalt :)  


What is so fascinating about Maria Grachvogel, is that she is a true artist.  She does not start off with a mood board or an inspiration from a certain time in history.  She begins with a paintbrush.  For this season, she was in her Captiva Island home in Florida watching the sun rise.  The reflection of the sun hitting the water instantly inspired her.  The picture was shimmery and translucent and she digitized it to become the print for her Fall collection, which appeared in two color ways.  The fit of the clothing mixed with the magical print was absolutely artistically outstanding.


Sara Burton took inspiration from Tokyo for the McQueen secondary line this season.  I loved the neon print inspired by the city lights and I thought the comic book patches found on various pieces were pretty cool.  Over the last couple seasons, I have noticed that the collection seems to be gravitating towards a younger customer and I am eating it all up.


I have an obsession with leather.  I love the different weights of it, the texture and the way I feel wearing it.  So of course I simply loved the leather pieces from Philipp Plein's collection.  The leather was studded, fur accented, laced and draped, all my favorite things. 


I have been a huge fan of the original Gianni Versace since I was about 12 years old.  Ever since his passing, Donatella has done an exceptional job keeping the Versace name glamorous and sexy.  Although, this season.... I hate to say it, but I wasn't feeling it.  I did however find some pieces to love amongst everything.  First, the thigh high suede cut out boots were absolutely STUNNING!  I just can't get over them! My favorite dress was reminiscent of classic Gianni with the draping and gold hardware.  No matter what, I will always be devoted to Versace.

And now onto Paris, which by the way I am absolutely loving right now!  After all, the best is always saved for last.